Styles of Commercial Roofing, Atlanta’s Best Options

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So your business needs a roof? Well that’s our business! Dreamworks Roofing & Contracting know’s the importance of a solid roofing system for your business. Did you know that there are different types of commercial roofing structures though? We are going to talk through the pros and cons of the 2 main styles of commercial roofing Atlanta has to offer. 

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are very common for large commercial buildings. Unlike a pitched roof, flat roofs can’t be seen from the ground. There are many pros that come with flat roofs:

  • There is a large surface area capable of housing mechanical equipment such as vents, HVAC units and even solar panels
  • Depending on your roof’s size, a flat roof could be more cost efficient
  • Maintenance and repairs are easier since workers can walk right on top of a flat roof
  • Flat roofs are often energy efficient

Flat roofs also come with cons:

  • There is no sloped drainage for water 
  • Debris can easily be trapped on top of your roof which could lead to significant damage
  • They often have a shorter lifespan than sloped roofs

If your business has a flat roof damage and wear-and-tear won’t get noticed unless a roof inspection is conducted. That’s why it’s important to get a regular inspection by a roofing professional.

Slope Roofing

Not all commercial buildings have flat roofs. Sloped roofs are often more well-known because they are mostly seen on residential properties. This doesn’t mean a commercial property can’t have a sloped roof though. 

Pros of a slope roof:

  • Minimal maintenance is required because water and debris can just roll right off the surface
  • There are a lot of different roofing material options that are available for sloped roofs such as shingles, metal panels, and clay tiles
  • Sloped roofs have a familiar style that can add a lot of character to a property

Cons of a sloped roof:

  • There isn’t the extra space sometimes needed for commercial properties to house mechanical equipment
  • Oftentimes the runoff from a sloped roof clogs gutters quickly, resulting in the need for regular gutter maintenance
  • Sloped roofs are trickier to perform inspections and maintenance on than a flat roof

So now you know the difference between the different styles of commercial roofing Atlanta business owners often have. It’s always important to have regular inspections for your commercial roofs. Don’t wait for unseen conditions to cause leaks that can damage valuable business equipment or merchandise. Trust in Dreamworks Roofing & Contracting to take care of your business.

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