Roof Replacement in Loganville

We Take Pride in the Work We Deliver 

If you own a home in Georgia, you know that it is essential to have a strong roof supporting your house’s infrastructure, as well as providing critical shelter from the elements. From tornados and hurricanes to sweltering heat, the only way to keep you and your family safe and comfortable is by having a reliable roof above your heads. However, this is not as easily accomplished if your roof has taken one too many hits from the weather conditions mentioned above.  

If your roof is no longer looking or performing at its best, whether due to old age or relentless battering from nature, it is time to seek out excellent roof replacement in Loganville. Our handy experts at DreamWorks Roofing & Contracting can install a sturdy roof that you can depend on throughout the wildest storms, keeping you dry and secure.

Do not hesitate to call today at (770) 741-1876 to ask any questions regarding our replacement process. We proudly serve customers throughout the Metro Atlanta area!

Why You Should Not Delay in Replacing Your Roof

Even if you determine that your roof could use some tender loving care in the form of a roof replacement, you may wonder if it is fine to put it off to a later date, perhaps when life gets just a little hectic. While we understand you have a busy schedule, it is important to remember that a damaged roof is structurally unsound not only for the rest of your building but for everyone sheltering beneath it. Even if a roof manages to stay upright, any water damage and retained moisture is sure to attract harmful pests, as well as breeze hazardous mold and mildew.

You can save yourself a lot of worry by letting our dependable technicians at DreamWorks Roofing & Contracting take over. We will arrange our work around your schedule so that you do not feel like your calendar is disrupted.

Quality Service From the Top Down

  • Financing Available
    We understand a new roof or a remodel can be expensive so we are happy to share our knowledge and all the financing options we have.
  • Educational Service
    We are here to help! We can walk you through your insurance options and help you choose the best solution for your home.
  • Whole Home Service
    From your roof to your floors, we are capable and qualified to take care of your home. Let our team keep your home protected from top to bottom!

Warning Signals That It’s Time to Replace Your Roof 

In some situations, it can be a bit difficult to determine whether your roof needs an actual replacement, especially if it does not look very damaged. Homeowners often assume that a truly damaged roof will leak, so if there is no water dripping down during the rain, is there really a problem at all? Unfortunately, the absence of leaks does not mean your house is sound (particularly during the months when it is not the rainy season anyway). Since you cannot base the health of your roof on the mere lack of leaks, it is essential to be on the lookout for other common signs.

Some typical warning signals that your roof needs a rapid replacement include:

  • Places on your roof where many shingles are missing 
  • Shingle edges that have begun to curl
  • Shingle edges that have cracked completely
  • Shingles that look “bald” or no longer have many granules
  • Shingles that look stained, dark, or discolored
  • Layers of rot or permanent dampness between your shingles or along your roof

Call us today at (770) 741-1876 or contact us online to set up a detailed consultation regarding roof replacement in Loganville.

“We are very pleased at the new roof installed by Dreamworks. They provided excellent service from start to finish.”

Tracy B.

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